Public Relations Our Role is to build the infrastructure for robust engagement between government, business and the citizens of our country


Our Process

Our Approach - Public Relations
Public relations is about man, its fundamental function is to enlighten, educate, emancipate, energize, empower, elevate and enrich man. It can empower an individual through the dissemination of relevant information (education). Therefore our philosophy of Public Relations is the philosophy of human kind. It is important to know the nature of man,this will help in knowing the means of educating man.
Communications Agenda - Mapping Out the Strategy
The first step in getting your fair share is to establish a communications agenda that clearly articulates what you are aiming to achieve, who you are targeting and what outcome is sought. We use this agenda to set forth our message platform. We take into consideration related issues that support or give our cause greater impact. Target user groups determine who we are directing our message toward and determine how we package the message. Opinion and influencer groups are factored in from the beginning because they wield great weight and help push companies above the status quo
Research - Providing Insights
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Message Segmentation - Creating a Dialogue
Message Segmentation – at Lages, we fondly refer to this as “slicing and dicing” the message into many stories. Each area, from technology to corporate vision, has its own unique story and a corresponding set of media outlets interested in that story. Fostering a dialogue is based upon striking a cord of interest due to relevancy in the global marketplace. The ultimate result is a cumulative impact story – where many discrete, individual stories come together over time in the public’s mind to create a company image.
Content is King - Content Production
The role of striking, memorable imagery is still undervalued when it comes to projecting a message. Whether it is a powerful video or a haunting still photograph, there is something about the magic of the image that even the best-written text struggles to match. On top of which, the recent explosion in the popularity and accessibility of online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram have put images at the heart of many media and marketing campaigns.

On-Point PR has been providing film production and photography services to clients for a number of years now, and in response to the ever-increasing demand we have expanded our Film and Photography team and facilities.

Media Relations - From Print to Broadcast
Just as companies look to build a distribution channel, we look to build a media channel. Within that channel are multiple outlets with multiple sections headed by multiple contacts to cultivate and pitch. In other words, different contacts at a publication or industry analyst firm will be attracted to different elements of your company’s story. Feature stories, published calendar opportunities, product evaluations, broadcast opportunities, and online venues to name a few.
Word of Mouth - Support & Endorsement
The power of third-party support cannot be overstated. That’s why we take care to build influencer elements into our programs. Industry analysts relations seek to identify and indoctrinate key analysts into the vision of the company. These relationships are then leveraged by using them as media references, quoting them in materials, inviting analysts to speak at company sponsored events, etc. The insights and feedback received from analysts and consultants are invaluable in assisting companies with positioning and message tuning.



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