Nedbank Cup

Johannesburg, South Africa
by OnPoint Editor 16 December 2015

In the spirit of Nedbank’s mantra “making things that really matter happen”, our challenge was to EXPAND the hugely popular SPORT entity, the Nedbank Cup, into lifestyle media.

Something that would embody the essence of football, an enduring lifestyle element that is distinctly South African, and unique enough to spark the interest of lifestyle media

CONCEPT: Sixteen fanatical fans known to dress up in colorful and distinct fashion, as a pledge of allegiance to their teams, matched with 16 of South Africa’s top fashion designers and 16 of the country’s best fashion design students.

TASK: Create the worlds best FOOTBALL FAN COSTUMES.

MEDIA SUPPORT: Lifestyle media supported this campaign with coverage worth over R40m. A 1900% ROI with R20 return for very R1 spent.

SOCIAL COESION: The campaign was the personification of the South African lifestyle – a mix of cultures, colourful person- alities and unique disparities that ultimately morph into one distinct entity when there is a shared passion.


Sixteen of the country’s top fashion designers were matched with sixteen of the country’s football supa fans after a thrilling event, which took place at the Melrose Arch Fire & Ice Hotel.


The Nedbank Cup Football Fan Fashion (#FFF) Journey marked another milestone when it visited three university campuses in search of 16 student designers who will collaborate with 16 football superfans and 16 of SA’s top designers between 13-17 April.

A massive thank you for making us part of this journey, we hope football fans love what we created and we added some high fashion flair to the SuperSport United Brand.Gavin Rajah

In a move that had fashionistas cooing their approval, the inimitable couturier Gavin Rajah strutted off with the Best Designer trophy. His chic tight pants and voluminous jacket ensemble opened the show to nods of approval. But it was when, halfway through the runway, it was transformed into a psychedelic grand costume represent- ing SuperSport United, that an audible gasp of surprise went up.


Mentorship and skills transfer meant that both the fans and the students become the stars of this campaign.

A Durban University of Technology student who won the Best Fashion Student category, paved the way for her entire campus to be tasked with con- ceptualizing, designing and producing the Nedbank Ke Yona team’s formal attire.

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