Salima Abdel -Wahab at CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK

Salima Abdel -Wahab at CAPE TOWN FASHION WEEK

by OnPointPR - Photography by Simon Deiner 4 April 2018

The Salima Abdel-Wahab collection for the 2018 Cape Town Fashion Week encompassed 15 pieces made of sustainable, raw materials complemented by transparent and warm earth colors.


The collection was a sensory voyage through the labyrinth of Africa as we go on a blind journey from the North to the South, through the imaginative power of the mind. It was a step-by-step gift back to the Motherland, taking us back to her origins and giving back to her what was previously taken from her.


So powerful was this African fashion odyssey that the African goddess of song Simphiwe Dana could not resist but obsess over one of the garments titled: Mamiwatta. Mamiwatta is a mythical siren believed to reside in the Strait of Gibraltar. Mamiwatta, with her motherly instincts, is preoccupied with trying to save everyone who passes through the channel to seek a better life in Europe, but she, unfortunately cannot save everyone.

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