Nedbank Ring Of Steel

by Nhlanhla Mdanyana 19 October 2017

Imagine being a twenty something year-old sprung into the spotlight, earmarked as the next Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. That comes with lots of pressure.

Despite the immense pressure to perform on the field, it’s usually lifestyle choices made off the pitch that are the downfall of promising young stars.

Earning extraordinary salaries at a tender age can be overwhelming and can easily get to one’s head. Which is why the good folk at Nedbank have launched the Ring Of Steel campaign to help you #SeeMoneyDifferently.

This year Nedbank rolled out the second season of the Ring Of Steel campaign on an even bigger scale than the first edition, providing even more Ke Yona team players with the skills they require to make the most of their soccer talents on and off the pitch.

The campaign introduced two new experts this year – Boity Thulo and Andre Arendse.

The campaign now focuses on 6 core points to broaden the scope in helping players see future footballing brands.

  • Financial planning specialists inform players about their money.
  • Mentorship help from ex players and coaches with similar past experiences. Namely, Helman Mkhalele and Andre Arendse.
  • Player management a team helping ensure longevity not only in money and career but also image.
  • Personal branding and social media. Brands pre-screen players before bringing them on board. So, a team lead by Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo is brought in to help coach and manage the players’ social media posts.
  • Media training. Players are coached to understand journalists so they know their motives and can handle them accordingly and not feel attacked.
  • Style. The term “dress for success” carries weight here because a personal stylist is brought in to help a player dress accordingly to functions and from day-to-day.


With all this taken care of off the pitch, all you have to do is be the best you can be on the pitch.


Total PR coverage to date: R 1 490 054,25

AVE (Advertising Value Equivalent):  R 496 684,75

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